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About us

edition frölich is a small, independent publishing house founded by Regelindis Westphal in 2014. The publishing programme focuses on publications with cultural-historical and everyday cultural themes as well as books with a focus on photography. Carefully crafted typography and a layout tailored to the content are the hallmarks of edition frölich.

The publisher Regelindis Westphal ran a graphic design office for several decades, specialising in the design and production coordination of illustrated books, non-fiction books and textbooks. Her many years of experience and enthusiasm for well-designed, reader-friendly books are now positively transferred to the realisation of edition frölich's publications.

edition frölich is a member of the friends of the Kurt Wolff Foundation.

“In the service of the earthly. Buddhism in China today”, author Hans-Wilm Schütte

“From the Appetite. A Photo Journal”. Photographs and aphorisms make up an unusual notebook.

“Fruit”. Ernst Volland (Illustration), Achim Engstler (Text)

“Fading Eternity. Victorian Garden Cemeteries in London Past and Present”, author Georgia Rauer

Women behind the camera. Trilingual paperback series “Fotografin/Photographer/Photographe”.

“Club of Glamorous Eccentrics”, Stella Ahangi (Interviews), Nicole Tiesmeier (Photos)

“Minsk. The City I miss”. The Belarusian author and photographer Julia Cimafiejeva.

“The Road to Combray”. The Ukrainian photographer Masha Pryven. With texts by Marcel Proust.


edition frölich
Eberbacher Str. 4
14197 Berlin

Phone:  +49 151 15675255

Products & Services

The publisher edition frölich is looking for partners in English-speaking countries who are interested in purchasing licences for the publisher's books.
In particular for the title by author Georgia Rauer "Fading Eternity. Victorian Garden Cemeteries in London Past and Present ". "For those already familiar with the subject, the main appeal lies in the alluring photographs and fascinating collection of supplementary visual material, much of which has not been seen in this context before," writes Philip W. Jackson, Journal of Church Monuments Society.

The publisher is also looking for distribution partners in English-speaking countries for the trilingual (German, English, French) photographic paperback series "Fotografin/Photographer/Photographe". Each volume focuses on the diverse work of different women behind the camera and is dedicated to one artist. It offers an easily accessible introduction to the life of the respective photographer and presents exemplary motifs from her oeuvre.

Minsk. The City, that I miss

Poetry and photography have always existed without overlapping for the Belarusian author and photographer Julia Cimafiejeva, who is currently living in exile. In this bilingual book, she attempts to approach this city in poems and photographs and to juxtapose the two art forms. The texts and images interweave to create an overall picture of the city. And so she tells the story of longing, nostalgia, love and hope. Hope to return one day.
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Cover „Minsk. Die Stadt, die ich vermisse“ (Minsk. The city, that I miss)

Example chapter 4, double page 48/49

Example chapter 6, double page 61/62

Example chapter 7, double page 74/75

Fading Eternity. Victorian Garden Cemeteries in London Past and Present

In her richly illustrated cultural history, author Georgia Rauer tells the anecdotal story of the rise, decline and rediscovery of London’s seven large Victorian garden cemeteries. She describes the cultural, aesthetic and economic significance of the cemeteries in the 19th century, providing a surprising insight into Victorian life in London.
“The best book I have ever read about London’s garden cemeteries”. Bob Flanagan, Chairman Friends of West Norwood Cemetery, London
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Cover „Wenn Ewigkeit vergänglich wird. Londons viktorianische Gartenfriedhöfe gestern und heute“

Chapter „From the churchyard to the cemetery. A new concept for eternal rest“, double page 16/17

Double page 74/75, Kensal Green All Souls Cemetery

Double page 134/135, Highgate Cemetery

Trilingual Serie “Fotografin/Photographer/Photographe“

The trilingual (German, English, French) series "Photographer" is dedicated to the diverse photographic work of various women behind the camera. Each volume is dedicated to one artist. It offers an introduction to the life and work of the photographer and presents exemplary motifs from her oeuvre.
So far, books have been published on the French photographer Denise Bellon and the German-British photographer Anne Purkiss. Publications on other female photographers will appear in 2024.
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Covers of the first books of the trilingual series „Fotografin/Photographer/Photographe“.

Denise Bellon, double page 50/51, Photo: France, 1939

Denise Bellon, double page 68/69, Photo: Simone de Beauvoir, France, 1945

Anne Purkiss, double page 24/25, Photo: Bob Geldof, United Kingdom, 1987

Anne Purkiss, double page 68/69, Photo: Antoni Gormley, United Kingdom, 2019

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